Did you say rawhide jewelry? We sure did!

Rawhide is a flexible, durable material perfect for statement jewelry. Unlike leather, rawhide is translucent, so the colors shimmer brightly.

Our high-quality pieces are individually handmade in Wyoming; their designs are inspired by the western landscape and reflect the rustic beauty of the history and way of life on the plains. We like to think our customers are, "Ahead of the herd in jewelry design"!

Circle Dance Earrings are this month's Featured deal! A circle within a circle, these super lightweight earrings will swing and dance with your every movement! Hypoallergenic ear wires make our earrings a great choice for any ear. Wonderful for gift giving(20% discount will show up at checkout ) USA Orders of $50 and over ship FREE

Circles within circles, movement and style! Available in 3 iridescent color combinations