Dave Rowswell

Dave is a sculptor and a retired teacher, and he especially loved teaching sculpture. This has a lot to do with the end product - that it's tangible; it's an artifact that you can walk around and see from all points of view, and it has a way of revealing itself to you from all angles. There are tools to use and a physicality to sculpting, too. As it turns out, sculpture and jewelry making have a lot in common. 

The materials are a kind of exploration and making jewelry is a revealing process, and I really enjoy that.

Dave is also an avid angler. He loves being on his own out in the wilderness, listening to the sounds of a stream. He ties his own flies and appreciates having to puzzle out, "I wonder what trout would like this fly?"

And speaking of puzzles, Dave is a self-described Jeopardy groupie and he was thrilled to be a contestant on the Spring 2019 Teacher Tournament. His daughter is currently in the contestant pool and Dave is already grooming his two grandchildren to follow in his footsteps.