Dave Rowswell

Dave is a teacher and sculptor. When he left the East coast and headed West, he began to experiment with a new material…. rawhide! Cutting and shaping rawhide into sculpture left him with small pieces and a big idea! “I bet this lightweight, translucent rawhide would make unique and comfortable earrings….yes!” Dave made his first pair of earrings for his wife, Georgia for a 2011 New Years Eve party. 2012 proved to be a year of experimentation with materials and designs. Rawhide's durability, lightness and translucency all began to point towards a uniquely suited, beautiful material for jewelry. After developing several designs and test marketing them to rave reviews, Dave and Georgia formally launched Rawhide Studio in the Spring of 2013. Their founding goals continue to be the design and crafting of a line of contemporary jewelry with a Western sensibility. And yes, it's really rawhide!

Dave is also an avid fly fisher and Jeopardy groupie. He was thrilled to be a contestant on the Spring 2019 Teacher Tournament. His daughter Abby is currently in the contestant pool and Dave is already grooming his two grandchildren to follow in his footsteps.

Dave fly fishing at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming

Dave at the Jeopardy studios in Culver City CA