Georgia Rowswell

Georgia Rowswell artist unique painted hypoallergenic rawhide earrings handmade in Wyoming

Georgia has been working as a self-employed artist for decades. She comes from an extended family of self-starters and entrepreneurs. Her dad owned a lumberyard, built his homes and was always working on something. Her mother taught Georgia many of the textile arts that instilled in her a love of all things fabric.

Before coming to Wyoming, Georgia's artwork included bamboo and okra and handmade paper - amongst other things - because she was creating using the materials she could find locally. Now, Georgia is inspired by all the layers that work together to make up a Wyoming landscape, and she uses discarded clothing to make her work. Georgia's focus is on Western landscape and geology, and working in an ecologically friendly fashion. 

Wyoming is the kind of place where you can have an idea and grow it at a grassroots level.
Georgia has a studio in downtown Cheyenne where she creates and displays her art. She loves how nurturing this community is and that, in Wyoming, everyone is connected, so she's had the opportunity to meet many other artists from across the state. When she isn't in her studio, Georgia is working with Dave on all things Rawhide Studio, reading or spending time with her grandkids.
Georgia Rowswell Wyoming fabric artist

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